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I am sorry to say the tour has come to an end.  I hope that you have had a chance to browse through the different things the Academy has to offer.  By now you realize how valuable a membership is, and I am sure you are eager to find out how much it costs.  After all, just one typical training hour with a Grandmaster can run up to a hundred dollars...  Not so for this service!  

Thanks to the Academy's archives, with just one low payment you can purchase access to up to 160 (!)  lessons.  This includes unlimited access so you can go over them at your own pace and leisure.  You will be able to choose between a payment of $29.95 for 67 lessons, or $59.95 for all 160 of them.   At a cost of less than 50 cents per lesson, I hope you agree that it is a great value! 

Needless to say, I sincerely hope you will decide to become a member.   If you do so, just click on the link below.  Please note that all payments are handled securely via the Internet's #1 payment processor, Paypal, and all information you provide to TotalChess.com is kept private and will not be provided to any third parties.  You will also not receive any kind of emails or spam from Totalchess.com.  In any case, thanks for your time, and remember, it's Your Move!

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