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Whether or not you follow my advice and try to solve the puzzles yourself first, you will certainly want to see the lessons that explain the correct move.   Actually, in many instances these chess lessons also show some of the bad moves and why they are bad.  Please note that these chess lessons were not taken from books or other sources -  I wrote them personally every week! 

Insightful Chess Lessons

Apart from the right solution, things you will find in my chess lessons are: the all-important analysis of the position, the correct thought process required to find the solution, common mistakes, "thought-traps" that should be avoided if you find yourself in such positions, and tips regarding strategies in similar positions. 

Unique Chess Lessons

I truly believe that you will find these lessons unique because of my focus on the thought process. So many of the chess books you find out there just show a position, the right move, and that's about it.  But what are the chances of seeing that exact same position in a game?  Very small!  The thought process, however, does get repeated.  If you understand how to find the right move, you will be able to do it in any position.

The chess lessons I wrote are based on the program developed by my father as he coached me all the way to the Grandmaster title I achieved at the age of 17. It works - I proved it!

Sample Chess Lessons

Please take a moment to look through some sample chess lessons.  These will be the most important factor in deciding whether a memberships is worth spending any money on! 


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