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You have already seen some of the nice comments members have sent in the past.  Here are a few more!

“I appreciate a lot the puzzle-lecture mechanism especially when in the lecture you explain the right way of thinking. It is more important than positional elements or a lot of variations, that everyone can study on good books.
Many books teach you the answers, but in the lectures I found many questions to ask myself during a game to find the correct answer in that situation. "

Claudio Colangeli, Italy

“I'm really enjoying these quizzes. I'm an 1845 USCF rated player, but have been in "full retirement" about 6 years since my last tourney. I'd bet a 1400 player right now would give me trouble, but these quizzes each few days keep me focused on chess.”
Marc Goodwin, USA

“Let me thank you for all the puzzles you put together. It has become one of the high points of my day to log on and see the lecture and the new puzzle. It seems a little crazy but I really enjoy them. I also enjoy working on them a while and then letting them sink in my brain and often the solution comes to me while driving or doing something else”
Mack Tyner, USA

“I continue to enjoy your lessons, lessons which often make me feel very humble! Epecially when I hit a dry spell and can't find the moves for several lectures ...
I think your methodology of having the student look a bit more carefully at two positions per week is quite sound. Books can overwhelm a reader with the bulk of material presented between its covers, and the lesson retention is probably not as high.”
Cesar Horta, USA

“I want to congratulate you for your idea to give guys who have not been in touch with professional chess a way to understand their thinking. I read the explanation of your thoughts with great interest and learn a lot from the situation when you give an explanation that did not play a role in my thinkings. I hope you will continue your efforts!”
Michael Dimitriadis, Austria

“Hi Gabriel,
I would like to congratulate you with the Chess Acadamy. I think it is a very good initiative and the puzzles and lectures are very instructive.”
Maurice de Koning, Brazil

“I want to thank you for your excellent series. It has really helped me to open my eyes. I can now do most of the problems without moving the pieces.”
Ken Kuniyuki, USA

“Dear Gabby,
Just wanted to write and say how much I enjoy your chess academy (...) I wonder how aware the other top players are of how poorly chess is taught for beginners (which is most of us)”
Shane Hopkinson, Australia

"Just a note to thank you for the attention you put into this material.”
Bennett Hoffman, USA

“THANKS!! Your Chess Academy is really great, well worth the money and I think I'm learning a lot.”
Dick Mesirov, USA

“ I would like to commend you on your excellent work. I have many chess books and read often, so I think I am qualified to say that your writing and your chess instruction is lucid and illuminating. There are many players who understand the game very well, but it is a special gift and a skill to be able to write about the game in such a way that even players who are not yet strong can learn more deeply and profoundly the wonders of the game that we love.
I have much praise for your chess instruction.”

Pat Williams, USA

“You have a unique gift. You have the ability to crawl inside the chessplayer's mind and describe his analytical processes. This is what is missing from all other instructional chess books. What's more, you have the ability to transmit these things to the ordinary player in a meaningful way. Keep it up !
Victor Spear, USA

“I just wanted to let you know that I have really grown using your academy.
It is amazing the things I see when I play. Thank you.”

Troy Raper, USA

“Dear Gabriel,
I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you for all the help that you have given me through your efforts with your Chess Academy.
When I began to study chess in November of 1995, I set for myself the goal of achieving class "A" quality play within a year's time. Throughout 1996, I felt that my play was getting stronger all the time, but unfortunately I was unable to confirm this with tournament play as the pressures of all my other activities left me without the appropriate time required for consistent live play (...)
I never would have developed the vision required over the board to produce some of my latest games without your lessons. I know that I have a long way to go before I'll reach my ultimate goal of being strong enough to teach, (I'd like to do some work with kids and chess) but the road seems much easier (and more fun) to travel with you as a guide.
Thanks again,”
Tom Reale, USA

“Although my batting average isn't that good I have been enjoying the insight into how a grandmaster thinks. Your lectures have been eye-openers to me and I like the way you express them. ”
Alex Jarvis, USA

“I am very glad to participate in your Chess Academy.It is very interesting to solve the puzzles and then read your lectures . Thanks for your help in our chess studyings”
Ruslan Bogdanov, 10, Estonia

“ I want you to know that I'm enjoying this format of lessons very much. My wife is even getting into it and asks how I did.. For us its much better than playing a game because this way I'm not beating her, and we are learning together!!
I'm very glad that I have joined the Academy. I'm learning at an absorbable rate, have super detailed insightful commentary by a gifted GM and have a challenge to keep it interesting!”
Rico Moreno, USA

“Congratulations on your fine conception to create a Chess Academy! You are giving me a new incentive to start chess again, as I am 40 years old and almost gave up.”
Kostas Termentzoglou, Greece

“Your down to earth style is very entertaining and instructive- it often seems you are talking specifically to me. I have no doubt you will be one of the best chess authors of our time and I am very excited about being involved with you and the Chess Academy.”
Joe Berger, USA

“Your course is great - I think in a complete different way now (well, NOW I think) when I play.”
Jorgen Diebdahl, U.K.

“So far, I enjoy your lectures very much. This format, the selection of positions, the way they vary, is very interesting. I think this will help me, personally, to increase my awareness of the position as a whole. Anyway, thanks very much for offering this form of instruction to we "average" chess players. I'm an older player (49), but I still have the desire to reach master level in my lifetime. Thanks so much.”
Ed Stoddard, USA

“Once again let me express my appreciation for your academy. I have the pleasure of having Lev Alburt and Sam Palatnik as my friends and "ad hoc" coaches, but your lectures illustrate most clearly the underlying thought processes that form the foundation for Grandmaster analysis and its communication to students. I appreciate and enjoy your style - you are an excellent teacher.
Best wishes for continued success with your Chess Academy.”

Martin Katahn, USA

“Congrats on winning the US Open and on all the work you put in your Academy, it is simply a great place to learn.”
Cesar Horta, USA

“The collection of positions is certainly marvelous. “
Ross Amann, USA

“I find that your method of explaining how to think in chess is very instructive. It is truly unique!”
Mel Madsen, USA

“I would like to compliment you on your services. Besides your obvious chess talent,you have another gift, that of being able to put into writing complex ideas in a clear and direct manner. I continue to look forward to your future instructions - I am not sure it is making me a better chess player, but it is giving me understanding.
I don't know how much to attribute to your academy, but I've had the best over-the-board tournaments of my 15 years of play. “
Denny Marbourg, USA

“I am enjoying being a member of your Chess Academy very much (I only wish you lived here in Michigan). ”
Tom Samons, USA

“Thanks for the chess lessons, and please give us more endgame puzzles. They are the ones that give us more fun!”
Bruno Muller Junior, Brasil

“Your puzzles are both challenging and highly addictive. I find myself thinking about the positions when I should be doing other things.”
Ken Kuniyuki, USA

“I am really enjoying these puzzles, and I have definitely noticed an improvement in my play and my positional analysis, although I still need much improvement in the latter, as my results from month to month clearly show.
I also enjoyed your video very much and look forward to others.”
”Michael Williams, USA

“Hi Gabriel,
I study each and every one of your lectures. I need more of the
good stuff!!!”

Jose Luis De Ramon, Dominican Republic


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